Sony’s latest wireless speakers could be the life of the party when they launch mid-2021 Sony X-Series SRS-XP700

Sony has announced three new wireless speakers coming to its X-Series range. The X-Series SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500 and SRS-XG500 are each designed to fill a variety of needs, and are slated for release in June 2021.

The new X-Series wireless speakers all feature Sony’s X-Balanced speaker units that the brand says will provide clear and rich sound with less distortion. The XP700 specifically is being billed as a wireless speaker ideal for parties, with three front high efficiency tweeters (and one at the rear) to deliver omnidirectional sound with deep bass and high clarity.

The XP500 and XG500 wireless speakers both feature two front high-efficiency tweeters, with the XG500 model also being built with passive radiators designed to deliver a clear bass sound.

All three of Sony’s new X-Series wireless speakers will launch in June 2021, with global availability to be confirmed. The XP700 will cost £449 (around $630 / AU$800), while the XP500 will retail for £319 (around $450 / AU$580). The XG500 sits somewhere in the middle at £379 (around $530 / AU$950). 


Among the most impressive of the initial features announced for Sony’s new X-Series wireless speakers is the battery life, which is long lasting all around. The XG500 is stated by Sony to last up to 30 hours, while the XP700 and XP500 speakers last up to 25 and 20 hours respectively, even when the Mega Bass feature is enabled.

All three of the X-Series wireless speakers feature Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for wireless pairing with your phone, tablet, or laptop. A Party Connect feature may also appeal to the aesthetically-minded, which will sync the devices’ lighting to the music you’re playing.

Finally, the XP700 and XP500 can be positioned horizontally or vertically, with the former device coming with a sensor that will apparently optimize the sound based on its position. Each of the speakers are also portable, equipped with handles that should make carrying them from one room to another (or even your garden as they all come with varying levels of water resistance) a hassle-free experience. 

These Sony X-Series wireless speakers sound promising, but they’ll have to seriously impress if they want to dethrone the Sonos Roam, which we named the best portable speaker you can buy in 2021. At £159 / $169 / AU$279, the X-Series speakers are considerably pricier, positioning them as an enthusiast purchase. That said, the X-Series’ focus on cleaner bass could be an advantage over the Sonos Roam, which we found had an overwhelming bass output as one of its few drawbacks. 


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