Google offers biggest discount yet on Pixel Buds Google Pixel buds deals sales price cheap

Google is now offering its biggest ever discount on the Google Pixel Buds, saving you £50 over the original £179 RRP and instead bringing that cost all the way down to £129. That’s a return to the cheapest we’ve ever seen these buds go, and you’ll find the same price cut on both the Clearly White and Almost Black colour variants as well.

We haven’t seen too many Google Pixel Buds deals over the last few months, which makes this week’s offerings all the more enticing for the Android-minded among us. The true wireless earbuds were previously competing with devices like the £179 Samsung Galaxy buds and the £159 2019 AirPods, but at £129 their smarts in virtual assistant connectivity and integration with Android devices are looking pretty competitive right now. 

Not in the UK? Scroll down for more Google Pixel Buds deals in your region.

Google Pixel Buds 2: £179 £129 at Google
Google is offering its biggest ever discount on the Pixel Buds 2 in the UK right now. That means you can save £50 on the latest true wireless earbuds, leaving us with a very competitive £129 sales price. While the audio performance in here won’t hold up to more expensive headphones you’re getting excellent Android connectivity and stunning Google Assistant integration as well.
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In our Google Pixel Buds 2 review we found that the always-on Google Assistant feature turned out to be incredibly helpful, and with seamless connection and integration with Android devices, Google’s true wireless earbuds offer an effortless experience as well. 

£129 feels like a much better price for these buds as well. While there’s no active noise cancellation and a reduced audio profile (the mids and trebles offer excellent clarity, but we struggled to find much bass here), the improved quality in the second generation is great for cheaper everyday listening. Plus, you’re getting that gorgeous sleek design here as well. 

More Google Pixel Buds deals

You’ll find plenty more options in our range of AirPods deals and Samsung Galaxy Buds sales as well. However we’re also rounding up all the best cheap wireless headphone deals available now. 


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