Epos H3 headset promises ‘next-generation quality gaming audio’ at an affordable price Epos H3

Epos, the audio company that previously partnered with Sennheiser on a range of gaming headsets, is branching out on its own with the Epos H3 headset.

The H3 headset, which costs $119 / £109 / AU$179 comes in two color options: Onyx Black and Ghost White. There’s a volume dial on the right earcup that’s flush with the housing, and a flip to mute the microphone on the left earcup. It’s a wired headset, too, which means it’ll work with any device that sports a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Epos says the H3 headset is made from high-quality materials and has a lightweight yet durable design, one that “fits comfortably on heads of all sizes”. The headset also features stainless steel sliders in the headband and hinged ear cups, so you can get the fit just right. The closed-back design of the H3 headset should deliver decent passive noise attenuation, too.

While it may seem strange to split from a brand as well-respected as Sennheiser, Epos has 115 years of audio engineering expertise to rely on and is no slouch when it comes to creating desirable gaming headphones. The company says that the H3 will be capable of delivering “booming bass and crisp highs for exceptional realism” at a price point that allows more players to experience premium gaming audio.  

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The gaming headset space continues to grow, with high-end audiophile companies like Bang & Olufsen entering the market with the Beoplay Portal. Microsoft also released its own Xbox Wireless Headset, which we were incredibly impressed by due to the customizable sound quality, comprehensive set of features and cheap price point. 

We’ve spent the last few weeks putting Epos’s new headset through its paces, and believe the company has delivered on many of its promises. You can read our Epos H3 review to find out just how good these cans really are.


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