£1bn Network Rail fibre upgrade could also help boost UK rural broadband train

Network Rail is inviting bids from telecoms infrastructure builders for the right to upgrade its trackside telecoms network and use the excess capacity to support commercial deployments of full fibre broadband. There are 16,000km worth of cables running alongside the British railway network, supporting a wide range of applications that are essential for keeping trains […]

Facebook introduces a new miniplayer that streams Spotify within the Facebook app

Facebook announced last week an expanded partnership with streaming music service Spotify that would bring a new way to listen to music or podcasts directly within Facebook’s app, which it called Project Boombox. Today, the companies are rolling out this integration via a new “miniplayer” experience that will allow Facebook users to stream from Spotify […]

Best AirPlay speakers: the best Apple-friendly wireless speakers in 2021 best airplay speakers: apple homepod

The best AirPlay speakers in 2021 make listening to music from your iPhone or iPad a breeze. AirPlay is Apple’s wireless streaming standard, and that means if you’re already bought into the Apple ecosystem with iPhones, iPads or even an Apple HomePod, you’re probably using it already. However, to go with AirPlay and the products […]

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