Bad news for Spotify Family subscribers as price hike looms spotify family

Spotify Premium Family is a handy way to get you whole family listening to music without forking out for individual subscriptions – unfortunately, the subscription service is about to get more expensive. 

According to an email from Spotify that was sent to Family users in the UK, the price of the monthly subscription is being increased from £14.99 to £16.99 per month. Spotify says that this is “so we can continue to bring you new content and features that you can enjoy as a family and as individuals”. 

The price hike will come into effect from April 30, 2021, though existing Premium members will get one additional month at the old price. For these subscribers, the the new price will become effective on their June billing date.

Spotify also says that, if you’re currently on a trial, once your trial ends you will be given one month on the current price of £14.99 prior to your bill being increased to £16.99.

We’ve reached out to Spotify to find out whether price hikes are coming for its other subscription models (Premium, Student, and Duo), and whether users outside of the UK can expect their monthly outgoings to increase, too. 

Spotify or Apple Music?

While an extra £2 per month may not sound like a lot of money, the increased price could be enough to tempt users to jump ship to Apple Music, which still offers a Family subscription for £14.99. 

Furthermore, Apple Music’s Family subscriptions allow for up to six individual users, while Spotify only caters to five – so for larger families, the switch to Apple could be a no-brainer, even if we do think that Spotify is the best music streaming service available today.

The news comes after it was revealed that Spotify could be on the verge of launching a podcast subscription service

We’ve been hearing rumors of a Spotify podcast subscription for a while now, but a new report by the Wall Street Journal, says that plans and prices are going to be announced in the next few days.

If Spotify does launch a new podcast subscription service, that will put it in direct competition with Apple, which has just unveiled new subscription options for podcasts, enabling listeners to pay a regular fee for bonus content and early access from specific creators.

Apparently, there will be one crucial difference between the two, though: Spotify won’t be taking any cut of the income that podcasters make, while Apple is slicing off 15-30% of subscriptions on its platform (a similar approach to the one Apple takes with the App Store). 

We’ll be interested to see whether Spotify offers a blanket subscription or a creator-led model like Apple – either way, the battle for your ears (and your money) is hotting up in the world of streaming.


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